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What’s an eligible list?
An eligible list is a list of candidates who successfully completed a civil service examination. Successful candidates are ranked on the eligible list in order of their final score in the examination.
How long will my name stay on the eligible list?
Open examinations state on the examination announcement the length of time the eligible list will be active. Open lists are generally active from 6 months to one year, and may be extended up to a maximum of 4 years. Promotional eligible lists are valid for 2 years.
When will the eligible list I am on expire?
For this information, you may contact the Certification section. Click here to email Records and Certification

I've completed the examination, now when will I get a job?
To fill a vacant position, a City department will request a certification. A certification is a list of those candidates who are eligible to be considered for employment based on their examination results. The highest scoring candidates will be notified by email to contact the department and to advise the department if they are interested in being consider for employment.
Can anybody on a certification list be hired?
In accordance with the City Charter, a department can select any person in the three highest scores on the certification list. The department is entitled to consider 5 more candidates than the number of vacancies the department wishes to fill. For example, if there is one vacancy, the department may consider at least 6 candidates; if there are 2 vacancies, the department may consider at least 7 candidates, and so on. If there are not enough candidates in the top three scores to provide the department with at least 5 more than the number of vacancies, the department may consider candidates in the next score(s) that will make available at least five more candidates than the number of vacancies to be filled.
How does the department determine whom to hire?
After candidates on a certification list advise the department that they are available to be considered for the job, the candidate will participate in the department's internal selection process. In many cases a department's internal selection process is an interview, at which time candidates can discuss their qualifications as they relate to the specific position being filled.
I took a test several months ago and got my score. Where am I on the eligible list now?
Click here to determine your current standing on an eligible list.

What does it mean to be restored to a list?
Persons with civil service status who leave the City employment may request to have their name restored to an eligible list if they meet certain criteria.
How may I be restored to a list?
You must submit your written request for restoration to the personnel officer of the department in which you had worked within 3 years of your date of separation from City employment.

What does it mean to be reinstated to a list?
If during the probationary period, a City employee receives a notice of termination, abandons their position, or resigns, the Personnel Department may restore the probationer’s name to the eligible list if the request is received within certain time limits and if after discussion with the appointing authority of the terminating department, it appears that the candidate would be a fit and suitable City employee.
How may I be reinstated to a list?
You must submit your request for reinstatement to the Personnel Department, Records Section within 5 calendar days of resignation/notice of termination. Request Reinstatement (Records and Certification Email)

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